Author: thegetdown

The Ultimate YES!

About a year ago I read Shonda Rhimes’s “Year of Yes.” In the book, Shonda takes us on a year’s journey where she decides to say “yes” to things that had always made her uncomfortable like speaking engagements and live interviews.  I had all kinds of thoughts after reading “Year of Yes,” but most poignant […]

A letter to my teenage students: Yes, you can shave your armpits.

With one of the biggest elections of our lifetime (almost) past us (eye roll), I wanted to take this moment to offer up my take on one somewhat political issue. For your parents and grandparents, the word Feminist conjures up all kinds of feelings. The idea stirs up anger for most. I literally heard a […]

Goin’ On A Bear Hunt

With a very contentious election coming up, I thought I’d lean back into my political days for a brief moment.  Don’t worry. I promise not to talk Republican or Democrat because I’m as sick of it as you are. Let’s talk “glass ceiling.” According to Google (my primary source for all definitions) it’s an unofficially […]